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DARE to be You Honors the Sandoval County, N.M. DWI and Prevention Program

Breaking News:  Announcing our 2021 Sustainability Award

DARE to be You Sustainability Awards are given to service organizations or agencies that represent exemplary diligence in providing high quality, evidence-based DARE to be You programs to youth and families in their communities. DARE to be You programs which have maintained fidelity and measure outcomes for over 15 years.

The recipient of this year’s award is the Sandoval County, N.M. DWI and Prevention Program which first implemented DTBY programs in 2005.  Congratulations Prevention Program!

Sustainability in Sandoval County has been made possible by broad-based support including funding from the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) and the Department of Finance and Administration, Local Government Division, State of New Mexico.

Over the past 15 years the program has reached youth in 6-12th grades, using the DARE to be You School Curriculum in classroom settings. Schools implementing the program include Bernalillo and Cuba Middle Schools, ASK Academy, Santo Domingo Middle School, and Independence High School. DARE to be You for Parents and Preschool Youth was also implemented for several years during this time span.

We highly commend the administration of the program at Sandoval County, Diane Irwin,  the school administration and teaching staff for their continued use of the program with fidelity. We reviewed a Virtual adaptation of the Middle School curriculum and were impressed with the ability to maintain fidelity and student engagement in the Virtual Classroom setting.

Previous winners include the Refugee and Immigrant Center of the Asian Association of Utah in Salt Lake City (beginning in 1995) and the Eastern Shores Community Services Board in Nassawadox, VA (also beginning in 1995).   For more information, visit DARE to be You’s website.


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