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Welcome to Onward! A Legacy Foundation

Since our creation in 2002 to the present, Onward! has grown from managing $78,000 in assets in one fund to managing
over $3.1 million in assets in 50+ different funds,
generating an average annual return of 7%.

Our Mission

Provide opportunities to develop and maintain a sustainable resource base that will enhance the quality of life for residents in the Four Corners' communities.

Our efforts focus on scholarships, civic beautification, social services, arts & culture, and organization development.

Is a Community Foundation Fund right for you?

Onward! A Legacy Foundation offers the opportunity for all individuals and groups to generate income for their important causes. Partner with Onward! to:

  1. Simplify philanthropic giving
  2. Avoid the expense and complexity of creating a private foundation or separate non-profit organization
  3. Pool assets for higher yields and lower administrative costs
  4. Utilize a dedicated volunteer board of directors who assures that its investment strategies are prudent and operates in an effective and efficient manner
  5. Employ the insights of the highly experienced professionals on our financial advisory committee to monitor your investments
  6. Support your favorite cause in a variety of ways: through a gift in your will, gift of cash, donation of stock, gift of insurance, or donations of land or other property

Onward! in our community

"350 people, including 190 students, attended the Children's Festival. 125 completed at least four screenings (developmental, social-emotional, hearing, vision, dental or height and weight). There were also many fun activities and resources for families."

Vangi McCoy
Montelores Early Childhood Council
Grant Awardee

"There were ten juveniles who completed substance abuse evaluations and had nice counseling sessions as a result of those evaluations. The funds helped the ten juveniles with identified risk factors learn more effective coping strategies along with resistance skills that will help them remain clean and sober."

Ann Welton
The Recovery Center
Grant Awardee

"In June 2016, we completed one full-day youth rafting trip on the Dolores River with students from Dolores High School. In addition to having a really fun day whitewater rafting, the 18 participating youth received 'Leave No Trace' training for river corridors, were educated on river safety measures, learned what a watershed is, learned about basic hydrology concepts, and learned specifically about Dolores River ecology and uses of the water."

Amber Clark
Dolores River Boating Advocates
Grant Awardee

"The Board of Directors of SouthWest Colorado Concerts are very appreciative of Onward! A Legacy Foundation for funding these (Brassfire & master class) opportunities for exciting, professional music for the students in our area."

Christine Stramel
SouthWest Colorado Concerts
Grant Awardee