Scholarship Funds


You can apply for scholarships on January 1st until April 1st.

Students needing to update information/provide transcripts for a renewable scholarship please click here.

Please read complete instructions before applying:

There are two types of applications - most are online forms with a save progress function.  Some applications are a "fillable" PDF allowing you to complete your application on your computer, save, and/or print the completed application for submission.

If you are applying for any of the scholarships with an online application, you will need to submit a general application and an application for the specific scholarship. Copies of the general application will be distributed with your specific scholarship applications.

The following scholarships have an online application form and will require the general application:

  • Aikin Scholarship in Memory of Erik and Jeffrey Hobbs
  • Allen Lichliter Memorial Scholarship
  • Bill and Peg Rees Scholarship
  • Eddie Marshall Memorial Scholarship (Special Ed or Speech Pathology)
  • Heartwood Scholarship (can be submitted at anytime, April 1st deadline does not apply)
  • Hoover Memorial Scholarship (Medical Degree)
  • Joel Stevenson Memorial Scholarship
  • Larry Larsen Scholarship
  • Leonard Cain Medical Scholarship (Medical Degree)
  • Mancos Centennial Scholarship
  • M-CHS Alumni Scholarship
  • Michele Yvonne Taylor Scholarship in Education
  • Roland R. Schneider Memorial Scholarship
  • Shaun M. McAndrew Memorial Scholarship
  • Tri-City Soccer Association College Academic Scholarship

The following scholarships have a PDF application form and will not require the general application:

  • The Cone Family Scholarships
  • The Knights Memorial Scholarship
  • Vic & Ethel Poma Pagosa Springs Scholarship
  • Woods Canyon Scholarship
Scholarships without an online application can be

* dropped off at 33 N. Chestnut (drop box on porch)

* mailed to PO Box 26, Cortez, CO 81321

* emailed to

If you have questions please contact us (970) 565-9200.

Application forms are considered 'in revision' between April 1 and  December 31st of each year. Submitted applications during this time may NOT be considered. 

Academic Scholarships

Bill and Peg Rees Scholarship Fund
Established April 2002
This flagship scholarship has been supporting local students since 2002, through a generous gift from the estate of the Rees Family, who believed in the power of education. This is typically a four year, renewable scholarship for students demonstrating a financial need and strong goals through their academic and non-academic achievements and aspirations. This scholarship is available to students from Dolores and Montezuma counties.
Bill and Peg Rees Scholarship Information & Online Application

Shaun M. McAndrew Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established May 2005
This fund was established in memory of Shaun McAndrew who gave so much to this community. The scholarship provides $1,000 annually to a Montezuma-Cortez High School athlete-scholar for post-secondary education. This scholarship is available for students from M-CHS who letter in two varsity sports for two years, have a cumulative GPA of 3.58 or better, and are a member of the National Honor Society.
Shaun M. McAndrew Memorial Scholarship Information & Online Application

The Knights Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established December 2006
The Knights of Columbus established a memorial scholarship fund to provide an annual $1,000 scholarship for post-secondary education.
Knights Memorial Scholarship Information
Knights Memorial Scholarship Application

Mancos Centennial Scholarship Fund
Established January 2010
This scholarship commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Mancos School District by awarding annual scholarships to students from Mancos High School for post-secondary education.
Mancos Centennial Scholarship Online Application

The Leonard Cain Medical Scholarship Fund
Established December 2010
Dr. Leonard Cain's family and friends established this fund to provide annual post-secondary scholarships to students of Dolores & Montezuma counties, pursuing an education in a medical field.
Leonard Cain Medical Scholarship Information & Online Application

The Cone Family Scholarship Fund
Established March 2012
This fund provides two scholarships: The Henry Cone Scholarship for Montezuma-Cortez High School seniors who will study engineering or a hard science (min GPA of 3.5); The Bill Cone Scholarship for Montezuma-Cortez High School seniors enrolling in a 2 or 4 year institution (min GPA of 2.2). For more information about the Henry & Bill Cone Scholarships and to view past winners, visit their website:
Henry & Bill Scholarship
Cone Family Scholarship Application

Montezuma-Cortez High School (M-CHS) Alumni Scholarship Fund
Established March 2012
Alumni of M-CHS created this fund to award annual scholarships for post-secondary education to graduates of M-CHS. Consideration is given to scholastic standing, desire to obtain further education, school activities, community involvement and work experience (min GPA is 3.2).
M-CHS Alumni Scholarship Information & Online Application

Vic and Ethel Poma Pagosa Springs Scholarship Fund
Established December 2013
The Poma family created this scholarship fund for graduates of Pagosa Springs High School. This fund provides two scholarships: Trade School Scholarship; and Traditional 4-Year Institution Scholarship. Since Vic and Ethel Poma supported and were involved in the Archuleta County 4-H Club, we encourage all PSHS 4-H Club seniors to apply. Upon completion of the post-secondary education (either college or technical school), the student may apply for a merit scholarship for 3 remaining education years (a renewal scholarship).
Poma Vo-Tech Scholarship Information
Poma Vo-Tech Scholarship Application
Poma 4-Year Institution Scholarship Information & Requirements

Woods Canyon Scholarship Fund
Established June 2014
Awards post-secondary scholarships to employees' dependents of Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants, Inc.
Woods Canyon Scholarship Information
Woods Canyon Scholarship Application

Hoover Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established December 2016
The Hoover Endowed Scholarship was created to offer scholarships to students of Montezuma and Dolores counties who look to study in the medical field for post-secondary education. Students who apply for the Leonard Cain Scholarship are automatically considered for this scholarship.

Roland R. Schneider Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established July 2018
This scholarship was created to benefit M-CHS graduates as they further their education with either a two-year associates degree or a four-year bachelor's degree. New eligibility beginning 2024: Graduates of MCHS of any class year are eligible to apply.  Previous Roland Schneider scholarship awardees are welcome to apply for a scholarship for their pursuit of a graduate or doctorate degree.
Roland R. Schneider Memorial Scholarship Information & Online Application

Tri-City Soccer Association Academic College Scholarship Fund
Established August 2018
This scholarship was established by the local youth soccer organization to support M-CHS Varsity Soccer athletes as they pursue their post-secondary education.
Tri-City Soccer Association Academic College Scholarship Information & Online Application

Larry Larsen Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established September 2018
Awards multiple, renewable scholarships for goal-oriented students from Montezuma and Dolores counties in post-secondary education programs. Students who apply for the Bill and Peg Rees Scholarship are automatically considered for this scholarship in memory of long time Cortez resident, Larry Larsen, who passed away in 2018.

Michele Yvonne Taylor Scholarship in Education Fund
Established October 2018
Awards a scholarship for M-CHS seniors pursing post-secondary education in the field of education. Students who apply for the M-CHS Alumni Scholarship and are studying education are automatically considered for this scholarship in memory of former teacher Michele Taylor.

Will Lindsay Memorial Armed Forces Scholarship Fund
Established May 2019
Established in honor of Sargent 1st Class Will Lindsay who passed away in the line of duty. The funds from this scholarship will be used to assist others in the added expenses of joining the armed forces out of high school. Open to Montezuma County high school students. To apply, contact Onward! at 970-565-9200 and ask for scholarship coordinator.

Heartwood Scholarship Fund
Established March 2020
Established to provide some support to children, grandchildren of Muscanell Millworks’ employees who are seeking to better their lives through education after high school or GED.  “Education” could include trade school, other vocational training, college, or short courses.
Heartwood Scholarship Information & Online Application

Eddie Marshall Memorial Scholarship
Established August 2021
The Eddie Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund resulted from a donation in memory of Eddie Marshall who was an educator for 31 years. The scholarship was established to provide higher education opportunities for a student pursuing a degree in Speech and Language Pathology or Special Education. **Also, available to non-traditional students who are working as a paraprofessional in listed fields of study.**
Eddie Marshall Memorial Scholarship Information & Online Application

Allen Lichliter Memorial Scholarship
Established August 2021
Was established in memory of Allen Lichliter, an amazing husband, daddy, grandpa, and friend to many. Allen believed that if you loved life and tried, you could do anything. His accomplishments spoke to what he believed, as Allen loved his job and always did his best, even without a college education. Allen went from starting as an oil rigger all the way to being a supervisor and consultant within his company. His work ethic demonstrates that if you love life, if you try hard, and if you dedicate yourself, you can succeed.
Allen Lichliter Scholarship Information & Online Application

Joel Stevenson Memorial Scholarship
Established April 2022
Was established in memory of Joel Stevenson, to award scholarships for Montezuma and Dolores County graduates seeking higher education at a trade school.
Joe Stevenson Scholarship Information and Online Application

Aikin Scholarship in Memory of Erik and Jeffrey Hobbs
Established March 2024
The intent of this scholarship is to provide secondary education funding assistance up to $2500 to graduates of Mancos High School and non-traditional students living within the Mancos 81328 postal zip code at the time of their scholarship application. The scholarship will be open to a diverse group of students who have demonstrated motivation for learning, academic achievement, and community involvement. Their pursuit of learning at any accredited secondary educational institution would be acceptable, including colleges, university, and vocational/technical schools.
Aikin Scholarship in Memory of Erik and Jeffrey Hobbs Information and Online Application

Other Scholarships

The Friends of Recreation Fund
Established June 2003
Raises money for scholarships to the Cortez Recreation Center for those who would otherwise not be able to afford the fees. The primary fund raising project was the "Stones for Scholarship" where by individuals and businesses purchased inscribed stones set around the flagpole in front of the Recreation Center. For more information about the Friends of Recreation Scholarship, please contact their administrator at Follow Friends of Rec on Facebook.

Friends of Recreation Scholarship Application

The Escalante Children's Foundation Fund
Established February 2011
This fund was created by the Escalante Shrine Club to provide travel assistance for families traveling to Shrine Medical Facilities. For more information please contact either: Fred Petit 970-739-0009, or Aryol Brumley 970-749-8365.

For information about creating a scholarship fund with Onward!, contact us here.