General Funds

Onward! A Legacy Foundation manages money for multiple general funds in the four corners community.

Onward! General Fund
Established April 2002

This fund is used for operations of the foundation. It is unrestricted and the majority of its income is generated from the annual 1% management fee assessed on the managed funds.

The Dolores Public Library Foundation Fund
Established July 2004
This fund supports specific library needs and programs of the Dolores Library. The fund was established in memory of a local citizen who supported the Dolores Library. Visit the Dolores Library website for more information on their programs.

The Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office Employee Fund
Established November 2007
Assist sheriff’s office employees in the event of tragedy such as a house fire or major medical situation. This fund raises money through an annual golf tournament and private donations.

The Friends of the Cortez Library Fund
Established January 2008
Provides additional earnings to the Friends group which in turn provides support to the Cortez Public Library. Visit the Cortez Library website for more information on their programs.

The Ute Mountain Roundup Reserve Fund
Established August 2009
Creates a reserve fund for future capital improvements at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds. One such project was the addition of a roof for the grand stands. Visit the Ute Mountain Rodeo Roundup website for information about the summer rodeo and carnival.

The Mancos Library Foundation Fund
Established June 2012
This fund was created by patrons of the Mancos Public Library to support specific needs and programs of the Mancos Public Library. Visit the Mancos Library website for more information about their programs.

Cortez Rotary Investment Fund
Established October 2016
Creates added income to support various Cortez Rotary projects.

Cox Family Charitable Remainder Trust
Established May 2018
Onward! manages this trust for the beneficiaries.

Rodeo 2

New bucking chutes for the Montezuma County Fairgrounds purchased through funding from the Ute Mountain Roundup Reserve Fund.