For Donors

What kinds of gifts does Onward! accept?

There are many ways to give to Onward!

  • You can give a gift in your will.
  • You can give a gift of cash to see your dollars at work in our community right now.
  • You can make a donation of stock or insurance.
  • You can give gifts of land or other personal property.
  • If you would like to set up a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Lead Trust.
  • Set up a memorial fund in memory of a deceased individual or in honor of someone living.
  • As a business, set up an employee payroll deduction supporting a current Onward! fund partner or even create a donor advised fund for your business that your employees can support.

For questions about giving, please contact Chuck through our contact us form.

Below are the fund agreements for establishing a fund. Please contact us if you have any questions. Together we can make a difference in our communities.

Thank you for considering Onward!


Application for Individuals, Families or Businesses

Use this application if you are an individual, family or business wishing to establish a new donor advised fund with Onward! for your charitable cause:

Donor Advised Fund Agreement



Application for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations can either create an agency fund or an agency endowment fund. The agency fund would be for setting aside funds for future use while earning a market rate of return.

The endowment fund would be setting aside funds in perpetuity with earnings available for your organization.

Agency Fund Agreement
Agency Endowment Agreement

Onward!'s Historical Rates of Return

YearRate of ReturnYearRate of Return

*Before management fees
*A $100,000 investment with Onward! on 1/1/2011, would be worth $179,888 at 9/30/2020 (up $79,888, or a total return of 79%).
*Annualized rate of return per year: 5.02% after management fees
*Please refer to Onward!’s Investment Policy and Procedures and Investment Guidelines for disclosure of investment policy and the risk associated with investments.

Onward! Annual Report

Tax Documentation