Onward! A Legacy Foundation

Since our creation in 2002 to the present, Onward! has grown from managing $78,000 in assets in one fund to managing over $6.8 million in assets in 120+ different funds, generating an average annual return of 5.7%.

Our Mission

Provide opportunities to develop and maintain a sustainable resource base that will enhance the quality of life for residents in the Four Corners' communities. Our efforts focus on scholarships, civic beautification, social services, arts & culture, and organization development.

2023 Annual Report

2023 4th Quarter Newsletter

Onward! Core Values 2021

We serve with visionary leadership

  • We strive for collaborative and equitable relationships to benefit the future of our community.

 “Leadership is the art of giving people a platform to spread ideas that work.”  - Seth Godin

We steward investments with integrity

  • We tend your generous contributions with active engagement, opportunities for growth, and long-term considerations.

“Investing isn’t a value system, it’s an investing strategy, but it works better if you’re fighting for something you truly believe in.” -Phil Town

We cultivate a culture of giving and caring

  • We make a difference through local philanthropy. 

“Philanthropy, like charity, must begin at home; from this center our sympathies should extend in an ever-widening circle.” – Charles Lamb

We embrace excellence

  • We strive for excellence through reliability, accountability, and professionalism.

"Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities" - Aristotle

We forge innovative growth

  • As catalysts in our community, we work to move peoples’ passions to actions while acknowledging our foundation of diverse histories, cultures, and experiences. 

“Sometimes you have to create a vision, a path for a vision. It may not be apparent, and you may have to forge it yourself.” - Herbie Hancock

At Onward, A Legacy Foundation, together, we elevate our communities.

 “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”  - Margaret Wheatley

Is a Community Foundation Fund right for you?

Onward! A Legacy Foundation offers the opportunity for all individuals and groups to generate income for their important causes. Partner with Onward! to:

  1. Simplify philanthropic giving
  2. Avoid the expense and complexity of creating a private foundation or separate non-profit organization
  3. Pool assets for higher yields and lower administrative costs
  4. Utilize a dedicated volunteer board of directors who assures that its investment strategies are prudent and operates in an effective and efficient manner
  5. Employ the insights of the highly experienced professionals on our financial advisory committee to monitor your investments
  6. Support your favorite cause in a variety of ways: through a gift in your will, gift of cash, donation of stock, gift of insurance, or donations of land or other property

Onward! in our community

"With the support of Onward!, The Hive was able to have a licensed therapist on site for 10
hours per week. This individual offered one on one session for 32 youth participants, 6 family
members and 4 of our Hive staffers. It was recognized that in order to provide healthy and
mindful programs, our Staff sometimes needed the therapeutic support to be present with our
youth everyday. The youth that received support came in consistently to meet with her each
week and we feel like the one on one offering provided the most significant impact for youth and their families.
We truly appreciate the support of Onward Foundation and look forward to working with you
in the future!"

Kelsie Borland
The Hive DGO
Grant Awardee

“We feel that placing our $150,000 endowment fund with Onward has increased our credibility among community members, especially among the business community, and enhanced ongoing fundraising.”

Barbara Stagg
Montezuma County Historical Society dba Montezuma Heritage Museum
Grant Awardee

"There were ten juveniles who completed substance abuse evaluations and had nice counseling sessions as a result of those evaluations. The funds helped the ten juveniles with identified risk factors learn more effective coping strategies along with resistance skills that will help them remain clean and sober."

Ann Welton
The Recovery Center
Grant Awardee

“Onward! A Legacy Foundation’s financial support played a crucial role in helping our organization navigate the challenges of the past few years and ensured that we could continue providing essential services to people with disabilities in the region. We are deeply grateful for your partnership in these very trying times.”

Lisa Branner
Community Connections, Inc.
Grant Awardee

“We are so thankful to Onward! for their funding and support of our organization. It's difficult
to express in words what it means to have a building that we can be proud of and only seems
to get better with each year's passing. We have always been proud of our ROCK building, but
every time we drive up and see how much better it looks with a new deck, it puts a smile on
our faces.”

Carol Marie Howell
Reaching Out to Community and Kids (ROCK)
Grant Awardee

"The Board of Directors of SouthWest Colorado Concerts are very appreciative of Onward! A Legacy Foundation for funding these (Brassfire & master class) opportunities for exciting, professional music for the students in our area."

Christine Stramel
SouthWest Colorado Concerts
Grant Awardee