Jessie Farias


Jessie Farias Jr. has spent 34 years as a visitor and resource protection ranger for the National Park Service and is currently the Chief Ranger of Emergency Services at Mesa Verde National Park.  He has been fortunate and privileged to work as a ranger in three national parks and one national recreation area during that time span: Golden Gate Recreation Area (California), Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona), Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming/Montana/Idaho), and Mesa Verde NP.  He oversees all the Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue, Structural and Wildland Fire service functions in the Park. He is also a member of the park’s Senior Management team.  

Jessie’s employment has given him the opportunity to live in several unique locations, and to work with several communities.  He has been fortunate to work with Chamber of Commerce organizations, National Park Service Committees, and tourism groups while living in those communities.  Jessie and his family have lived in the Four Corners area for over 17 years and he has been involved as much as he can in the community while still working for the National Park Service.  He has volunteered numerous hours with Cortez Little League coaching for 9 years straight, he is a 2008 graduate of Montezuma Leadership and an active member of the Cortez Council Knights of Columbus.

Jessie has been married to his wife Rene for over 20 years.  They have two sons who grew up in Montezuma County.  One of the boys is attending college at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction CO and the other is finishing his junior year of high school in Dolores.  Jessie is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and biking. 

Jessie remarks, “After living in the Four Corners area for an extended period, I would like to give back to the community that my family and I call home. I feel that by joining Onward!, I will acquire the opportunity to assist and learn from the divergent groups of non-profits that Onward! supports.  I will also get the opportunity to work with a very talented group of board members that encourage discussion and welcome different points of view for the betterment and sustainability of the foundation.”