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Heartwood Scholarship

For children, grandchildren, and wards of Muscanell Millworks employees (current or past).

The Heartwood Scholarship Fund was created by Doug Muscanell and Karen Harbaugh, (former owners of Muscanell Millworks), to honor the employees who have worked hard and contributed to the success, both past and ongoing, of Muscanell Millworks, Inc. The scholarship fund is managed by our community foundation, Onward! A Legacy Foundation. Scholarship applications are reviewed and recommended by an advisory committee, including Doug and Karen.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide some support to children, grandchildren of Muscanell Millworks’ employees who are seeking to better their lives through education after high school or GED. “Education” could include trade school, other vocational training, college, or short courses.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must be the child, grandchild, or ward of a current or past employee of Muscanell Millworks, Inc., Cortez, CO. They must have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent and want to pursue further education.

Decision Criteria:

Scholarship awards will be decided based on desire to better one’s life through education/training, and availability of funds. Length of service with Muscanell Millworks of the applicant’s parent or guardian will also be a consideration. Scholarships can range from $300 to $1000 for one year. Applicants are welcome and encouraged to re-apply for subsequent years of education.

Application Process and Documentation:

  • Applicants need to fill out the Heartwood Scholarship Application Form online. This form is not an English test! We would like to know something about your schooling to this point, your plans, and your dreams. In your answers, we encourage you to be honest and be yourself.
  • Mail in high school transcript. If you have been enrolled in college and are continuing that education, include college transcript. Transcripts can be mailed to Onward! A Legacy Foundation, 33 N. Chestnut, Cortez, CO 81321. Or can be dropped off to the Onward! office.

Application deadline: April 15.

Heartwood Scholarship

  • Contact Information

  • Post-Secondary Information

  • Application Requirements

  • Give us a brief history of your work outside of school (if any).
  • Tell us about any volunteer work or activities you have been involved in.
  • Tell us about any awards, honors, or recognition you have received associated with school, work, volunteer work, or activities.
  • In your schoolwork so far, tell us about your strengths and challenges. What has been easy? What has been difficult?
  • At this point in your life, what is important to you?
  • Tell us something about your hopes, dreams, and goals.
  • Additional Information to be Delivered to Onward!

    I will submit to Onward! via: mail to PO Box 26, Cortez, CO 81321 drop off to 33 N. Chestnut, Cortez, CO 81321 before April 1. Please check yes to all: