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Bill and Peg Rees Scholarship Application



Bill and Peg Rees did not have children of their own and they cared deeply about the young people in Montezuma and Dolores County.  Upon the death of Mr. Rees, his estate established a scholarship fund administered by the Onward! Legacy Foundation.  This scholarship is open to graduates of the five high schools in these counties – Dove Creek, Dolores, Mancos, MCHS, and Southwest Open School, regardless of year of graduation.

Mr. Rees was interested in helping students who had clear goals for education after high school.  This included students attending four-year universities and colleges, two-year community colleges and trade schools.  Successful applicants are able to demonstrate financial need, as well as clear goals and achievements during their school career.

This scholarship is typically for $2000 a year and is renewable for three years ($8,000 maximum).  However, the Scholarship Committee has flexibility to work creatively with students who have unique educational needs.  In order to receive the continuing support after the first year, a progress report including grades is required at the end of each year.  The committee wants to stay in touch with our scholars.  The administration of the scholarship and the details are handled by Onward!  Typically, one scholarship is awarded each year.

IF YOUR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION IS INCOMPLETE THE COMMITTEE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONSIDER YOUR REQUEST FOR A SCHOLARSHIP.  (If there is a reason you cannot complete the scholarship information, please document it. Then we know why and if possible we will continue to consider your application.)


  1. This scholarship may be used for education in any accredited college. The school or college must be a degree granting institution.
  2. All scholarship money will be disbursed to the Financial Aid Office. Funds will be disbursed as follows: 1/2 for the fall semester (mailed in July) and 1/2 for the spring semester (mailed in December).
  3. If, for any reason, the recipient does not enroll in an institution of higher learning or drops out, the unused portion of the funds must be repaid immediately to the Rees Scholarship.
  4. It is your responsibility to notify Onward! of any changes in your status as a student.
  5. It is your responsibility to submit grades as the end of each academic year to Onward! for renewal of scholarship.
  6. If you are granted a Rees Scholarship by the Committee and also granted other scholarships, the Rees Scholarship might be canceled or revoked if the other scholarships would cause a need to reduce the amount of the Rees Scholarship.
  7. Decisions of Rees Scholarship Committee are final and binding after announcement of recipients.