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Laura Herrick


Laura Herrick has been teaching professionally for 35+ years.  She has taught kindergarten through college: elementary, gifted and exceptional education, and grant writing in the Cortez School District. She learned that educating is an art form which requires patience, empathy, humor and the ability to multi-task with 20 balls in the air. Never a boring day! She believes that each child has a gift. Cortez youth is loaded with incredible talent.

She has volunteered over the years, like many parents, in youth activities such as soccer, Knowledge Bowl, Science Fair, art workshops, and has hosted international students in their home.  She is an outdoor advocate and has participated in trail building, the Dolores River festival, and Montezuma Land Conservancy to name a few. Onward has opened the door for her to volunteer and interact with a broad array of non-profits in our area.

Laura says, "I joined Onward because I'm a firm believer that once you raise your family it’s your turn to contribute money, time and knowledge back to your community. 'No one has ever become poor from giving.' (Anne Frank) I challenge you this year, instead of shopping; give the gift of giving to a local charity in a love one’s name!  DONATE NOW through Onward! A Legacy Foundation.”