Robby Henes


After receiving a business degree from CSU and a Masters Degree in International Agricultural Development from UC-Davis, Robby Henes spent 12 years working overseas in micro-finance and refugee relief.  She came back to Montezuma County in 2005, thinking it would be a brief visit home and not a permanent change, but instead Robby got married and became an owner/manager of Southwest Seed Inc., a local agriculture business that specializes in seed for reclamation purposes as well as for farmers, ranchers and land owners.

After working overseas for so many years, Robby is enjoying the opportunities to invest in, and be a part of the life of our community. Ms. Henes  was a part of the Heart and Soul project for Cortez and was on the board for Leadership Montezuma for 10 years.  She have been on the Onward board for six years.

Robby stated, "I am delighted to support and be a part of the Onward Foundation.  I was on the receiving end of the grant and fundraising efforts for many years and now I am helping to raise funds and provide support to our local non-profit organizations and scholarships in the region."